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Family Planning Benefit Program

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Family Planning Benefit Program

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Reproductive health is a very important part of every individual's total well being. East Hill Family Medical, Inc. takes great pride in offering you the best in reproductive health care, counseling and education.

"Family Planning" has been part of our mission since 1970, and we are just as committed to these services today as when we first began.

One of the primary goals of East Hill Family Medical is to promote informed decision making about reproductive health and family planning issues. We believe that all women have the right to control their own fertility, and that in planning their pregnancies they are planning their future.

Free Services Offered through the Program


The program is available for one year. After the year has passed you may recertify.


Contact our facilitated enroller with questions or to make an appointment at (315) 253-8477 ext. 211
Click here to view the information you will need for your enrollment appointment.